What ACE courses can I take?

Learn to Learn, Communications Support, and Numeracy Support are  all offered throughout the year at no charge to students. The level of funding the CSC currently receives from the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development enables the CSC to provide tuition-free sections of ACE Distance courses in January, March. April, June, September, and November on a first-come-first-served basis.  Registrations in Communications, Core  Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry are limited to 40 students per intake and these courses fill quickly.

ACE Numeracy Support

We recognize that math is a skill where lack of use can cause skills to become rusty. To help you refresh  skills you once learned but haven't used in a while, we have developed a 40-hour Numeracy Support course for students who score between 225 - 229 on the Numeracy assessment.  The course is centred on the basics (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) in the context of fundamental math topics. The course includes a review of Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, and Units of Measurement.

There are ten free ACE courses available in both English and French:

ACE Communications

The ACE Communications course emphasizes reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Students are asked to demonstrate their ability to evaluate the information, ideas, issues, and styles evident in a  variety of informational texts, media works and literary pieces. Students use different sources to gather  information, select appropriate forms of writing and choose from a range of organizational structures in  producing unified and effective written work. Learners will also process and use oral communication  effectively, assess a variety of media works and create one type of media work.

Course Length: 120 hours Textbook: None required

ACE Communications Support

Communications Support delivered in ten modules provides students with the necessary English reading  and writing skills for functioning in an online academic environment.  Students are provided with lessons ranging from basic sentence structures to organizing and developing paragraphs.  A listening component is also found in some units.  These listening activities are for students to become accustomed to a variety of English accents in a variety of formats, which will help them build the extensive listening skills that are required to listen to online lectures.

Course Length: Each module consists of approximately 3 hours of study and is designed to be completed in four to five days.

ACE Core Mathematics

The Core Mathematics course is designed to give students a grounding in varied aspects of mathematics, including numeric and algebraic operations; measurement and geometry; collecting, displaying andanalyzing data; mathematical relationships; statistics and probability; simple and compound interest; and everyday financing. Core Mathematics is a prerequisite for registering in other ACE mathematics courses and is recommended as preparation for Physics.

Course Length: 120 hours Textbook: None required

ACE Apprenticeship Mathematics

This course is designed for students preparing for various college and apprenticeship programs and/or  the workplace who wish to consolidate their basic mathematical skills and improve their problem-solving techniques. It builds on the algebraic skills mastered in previous mathematics courses, developing algebraic and trigonometric strategies that will provide the means to arrive at solutions in a structured, dependable way. Units of study include number sense and algebra; measurement and geometry; proportional reasoning; analytic geometry; relations and functions; trigonometric functions;  statistics and probability; and personal finance.

Course Length: 100 hours Textbook: Supplied
Prerequisite: ACE Core Mathematics

ACE Business Mathematics

This course is designed to increase comprehension and performance of mathematical operations and to  involve the student in the application of business mathematical techniques. The material covered  includes the study of arithmetic and geometric sequences and series; simple and compound interest;  annuities; exponential growth; retail mathematics; data analysis - collecting, organizing, and analyzing  data; self-study and the application of learned skills to numerous problems; developing student skills in  handling business mathematical problems.

Course Length: 120 hours Textbook: Required
Prerequisite: ACE Core Mathematics

ACE Technology Mathematics

The Technology Mathematics course builds on and expands the fundamental algebraic skills mastered in  Core Mathematics. The objective of the course is to teach students the necessary mathematical skills in preparation for technical/math-focused postsecondary college programs. After successful completion of the learning outcomes, students will be able to use their skills to solve applied problems involving  linear/polynomial/rational/exponential expressions and equations, logarithmic functions, radical and  complex numbers, trigonometry, measurement and geometry. The course will involve the use of both  calculators and technology-specific software.

Course Length: 120 Hours Textbook: Required
Prerequisite: Core Mathematics

ACE Biology

Throughout the ACE Biology course, students will learn (individually and in groups) to employ a  disciplined approach to the processes of biology including scientific inquiry, problem solving and design.  Students will apply biology concepts and principles in such areas as the study of cells, microbiology,  human anatomy and physiology, plant structure and physiology and environmental science as well as  select and use appropriate numeric, symbolic, graphical and linguistic modes to represent and  communicate scientific concepts and experimental results. Learners will demonstrate skills in retrieving  and evaluating information pertaining to biological ideas. ACE Biology also has a component where  students can assess career choices in science and technology.

Course Length: 120 hours Textbook: None required

ACE Chemistry

The Chemistry course provides learners with a strong knowledge of chemistry as it applies to industry  and environmental issues. Emphasis is given to analyzing problems, performing laboratory exercises and communicating scientific information effectively. The content of the course reflects the needs of many adult learners entering postsecondary college programs in health and environmental sciences. Learners must complete three core units and two elective units of study based on their postsecondary goals.

Course Length: 120 hours TextBook: None required

ACE Physics

ACE Physics enables learners to develop a foundation in the fundamental concepts of physics. Students will qualitatively and quantitatively study and explore the topics of force and motion; energy and simple  machines; waves, sound, light, and optics; electricity and magnetism; and hydraulic and pneumatic systems. The emphasis will be on understanding the underlying physical concepts and principles, and  applying them to a diversity of practical systems.

Course Length: 120 hours Textbook: Required

ACE Self Management & Self Direction

Self-Management & Self-Direction introduces students to concepts that will enable them to maximize  their potential as learners. Students will participate in a variety of activities that will encourage them to  reflect upon themselves, their goals, and what they need to do to reach those goals. In addition to  examining how to take control of their own learning, students will also learn more about resources and  support available to learners in Ontario.

Course Length: 80 hours Textbook: None required

ACE Computer Fundamentals

Computer skills are a high priority for many employers today. The ACE Computer Fundamentals course  will give students a good understanding of computer terminology, how a computer works and why.  Learners will be able to understand and demonstrate the use of common software tools and be  comfortable with and demonstrate software features in the Windows environment while also feeling comfortable exercising file management skills using available storage and retrieval programs. With this course, learners will have an excellent understanding of how and why the Internet works, be  able to communicate via an email program and send attachments, and be comfortable using the Internet as a communication tool via a web browser. Students will also understand other communication tools available and be able to communicate with others using electronic tools and space available to users via an ISP.

Computer Fundamentals allows students to demonstrate an understanding of ethical business practices  related to the use of Information Technology and have a basic understanding of various application  software and their uses. Learners will be able to produce correctly formatted documents using word  processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and database software; use electronic media and other sources  to gather information for a defined purpose; and use electronic tools to collect information required for  solving a specific problem and making informed decisions. Finally, students will have an excellent  comfort level making informed decisions based on research and using targeted software to accomplish  an end goal.

Course Length: 80 hours Textbook: None required


How do Ace Courses compare with high school courses? 

The chart below shows the ACE course title and the high school equivalent




English, Grade 12, College Preparation ENG4C


Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life, Grade 12,Workplace Preparation MEL4E


Foundations for College Mathematics, Grade 12,
College Preparation MAP4C


Foundations for College Mathematics, Grade 12,
College Preparation MAP4C


Mathematics for College Technology, Grade 12,
College Preparation MCT4C


Biology, Grade 11, College Preparation SBI3C


Chemistry, Grade 12, College Preparation SCH4C


Physics, Grade 11, University Preparation SPH3U  OR

Physics, Grade 12, College Preparation SPH4C


e-channel delivery agencies

For Anglophone learners scoring below 226 on ESEE: LearningHUB

For lower level Francophone learners: Le service de formation a distance (F@D) pour adultes de L’Ontario