Online learning is a form of instructor-led independent study for those who require an alternative to attending on-campus classes on a regular basis. This flexibility allows you to complete a course or program at a time and place of your choosing. Learning is facilitated by an instructor who is available to answer questions, encourage discussion on course topics, and provide feedback.

If you...
... then studying online may be right for you!

The Learn to Learn (L2L) course will help you decide if you have the required skills and attitude for online learning. All ACE Distance students must complete L2L.

For more information about online learning, or to complete a quick assessment to determine if you’re ready for online learning, visit the OntarioLearn web site at

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Tuition-free registration takes place in January, March, April, June, September and November. Before registering for ACE Distance courses, you must have completed the Consent and Participant Information Form and Learn to Learn.

You will receive detailed instructions at the end of Learn to Learn about registering for an ACE Distance course.